Kennedy Note Funding & Overages

We Purchase Lottery and Gaming Award Annuities

If you are the winner of a state sponsored lottery or if you have been fortunate to have won a casino jackpot payable in monthly installments and you would prefer a lump sum cash payment, our contract buyers at Kennedy Note Funding & Overages can help.  As the winner of a lottery or gaming jackpot, you can elect to receive a LUMP SUM Cash Out, a Cash Out of a portion of your award, or you can even sell us a series of your periodic payments. 

As the winner of lottery or gaming award, our experienced contract buyers can assist you in quickly obtaining a lump sum cash settlement in place of your monthly installments. You can use this money for...

At Kennedy Note Funding & Overages, our contract buyers are specialists in providing the maximum amount of cash for any annuity-styled award such as lottery awards, casino winnings, structured settlements, or even investment annuities.